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Enjoy our sauna world!
Well-being and relaxation, a short break from everyday life, a vacation for the self, physical well-being, health, vitality and inner harmony – a visit to the sauna can do all that. Take your time! With our sauna offer we would like to create oases of peace where you can relax and recharge your batteries. At least two of our five different saunas are at your disposal. Enjoy our sauna area with our terrace and its view directly to the Rangsdorf lake!

Finnish sauna
Typically, high temperatures between 85°C and 95°C with a relatively low humidity of 10% to30% are used. In this heat, infusions with menthol or eucalyptus have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

Is a gentle sauna in which the temperature is about 60°C and the relative humidity is about 50%. The difference between sanarium and Finnish sauna is a lower dosed temperature and humidity. Since there is only a low temperature, you can extend the stay to 30 minutes. This application is also often combined with infusions. Nevertheless, the cooling and a period of rest are necessary. A visit to the sanarium is good for the heart and circulation.

Steam bath
The temperature in the steam bath is between 40°C and 55°C. The humidity is about 80-100%. A steam bath dilates the vessels and thus ensures strong blood circulation in the skin. The heat in the steam bath loosens tense muscles. The metabolism is stimulated. A steam bath has a positive effect on many diseases of the skin, respiratory tract, joints and muscles. In particular, the steam bath has a positive effect on respiratory diseases.

Aroma grotto tepidarium with starry sky
The special feature of a tepidarium is the soothing radiant heat. The air temperature is kept at about 35°C. The mild radiant heat is pleasantly felt by our body, and the air temperature does not change as a result. Breathing, circulation, heart and blood pressure are not stressed.

Rock crystal sauna with color stimulation
The temperature in the rock crystal sauna is about 70°C. The humidity is about 30%. Since time immemorial, rock crystal has been attributed a healing effect on body and soul. The center of this sauna is a large rock crystal. Even the Romans believed that rock crystal was the seat of the gods and that the stone gave you wisdom, courage and loyalty in love.

  • Red – has a stimulating and activating effect, stimulating and internally invigorating.
  • Yellow – creates a cozy, warm and relaxing feeling, color of the sun.
  • Green – is the color of nature, has a calming, satisfying effect
  • Blue – creates excitement-free calm for reflection and meditation


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