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The Seehotel is your conference hotel in Berlin Rangsdorf. A successful conference that satisfies both participants and organizers depends not only on an ideal conference location, but above all on detailed planning in advance. Among other things, you should think in advance about start and end times, the appropriate setting and the arrangement of breaks in order to guarantee that the meeting runs smoothly. In this conference guide, we have compiled some important tips for planning your conference just outside Berlin.
As a rule, conferences start around 9 a.m. and end around 5 p.m.; on the first day of the event, the start time may be later – after all, participants have to arrive first. Regarding arrival and departure, organizers of multi-day seminars and conferences should keep in mind the last day of the event and plan for the fact that participants may want to head home a bit earlier.

A productive meeting usually also leads to the hoped-for success. To support you in this, we will gladly form a conference arrangement entirely according to your wishes. Just contact us in this regard and together we will find the meeting package that suits you best.


What do you want to happen at your meeting? Should participants just listen, should they be able to take notes, maybe even work in small groups or do research? All of these factors play a role when it comes to proper meeting room seating. In your conference hotel in Berlin Rangsdorf, all common seating options are available. We are happy to help you in this regard, just contact us!

The following variations of seating have proven successful for meetings:

Block shape
The participants have a large writing surface at their disposal, they can actively exchange ideas and develop them together. This variant is particularly well suited for workshops.

This seating is reminiscent of the good old classrooms. Each participant has his/her own writing surface, faces forward so that everyone has a good view of the speaker. A lectern supports the school-like character.

Chair circle
The chair circle is suitable as a partial form of seating. Here, there are no barriers between the participants, there is an active exchange among them. Writing surfaces are lacking here, however, so the circle of chairs should not be chosen as the only form of seating.

Rows of chairs
You want to show a film or perform a play? Then the classic sequence is optimal. Everyone has a good view ahead and the available space can be used to the maximum.

A popular seating option when there is a keynote speaker you want everyone to have a good view of, such as at a company anniversary banquet. Guests can look at each other and exchange ideas without the speaker being out of sight.


Budget planning: In any case, decide early on how high the per capita conference fee may be and what financial resources must be sufficient.

Technical equipment: As a standard we offer for example projector, screen or flipcharts. You need special technology? Feel free to contact us, we will take care of it.

Culinary delights: When you meet, you get hungry. And because full attendees are usually happy attendees, choosing the right catering should play a big part in your planning. We offer different catering packages from vital-healthy to typical for the country, which will spoil the palate of your guests. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

Those who are awake have a better day. Most meetings last longer than one day. So the participants and organizers must have a nice place to rest. Of course, you can book the appropriate number of rooms with us in advance – this should be done early so that we can arrange everything and in the end no one is left without a place to stay.

Free time: Since no meeting takes 24 hours, it is also important to make good use of the free time available. Around the Rangsdorfer See and of course in nearby Berlin there are numerous opportunities to enjoy your free time. We will be happy to help you plan and organize the leisure activities for your participants and find the best possible offer together with you.

Parking: Our hotel at the Rangsdorfer See offers sufficient parking spaces, which are to be used by the guests depending on availability. However, to avoid an unnecessary search for a parking space, you should also encourage your participants to carpool. You come to us with an environmentally friendly e-car? No problem, you can refuel at our charging station for a small fee.

Date of your event: Choose a date when as many participants as possible can attend the event. Keep the following selection criteria in mind:

  • When exactly is the meeting to be held?
  • Are there alternative dates, if so – which ones?
  • Are there trade fairs taking place at the same time at the venue or nearby?
  • Is the venue in high demand right now due to vacations, etc.?

    By the way, a detailed list of all current trade fairs in Germany can be found at AUMA.


What exactly do you want to offer your participants around the conference? Here, the different seasons offer a colorful array of different possibilities:

Spring meetings
Take advantage of what Mother Nature offers you at this wonderful time of year. Dreary becomes colorful and fresh again – this can quickly transfer to the creativity of your participants. A group brainstorming session on the terrace overlooking Rangsdorf Lake and new ideas come up all by themselves.

Summer meetings
There’s nowhere better to relax on a hot summer day than by the water. Your guests will also feel this when they enjoy a break by the lake after the work phases in our air-conditioned meeting rooms. In addition, we are happy to take care of group events that are specially designed for the summer months and can take place not only on, but also on the water. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meetings in autumn and winter
The colorful nature of autumn is a real source of strength for many people. A walk around Lake Rangsdorf, especially at this time of year, can lead to a new wealth of ideas that your participants can immediately implement in the meeting. Sometimes the breaks can be enjoyed with a nice coffee on the terrace while temperatures are still pleasant – especially with a view of the water a real highlight. Of course, winter also offers its own beauty, and around the lake and in nearby Berlin, for example, cozy and atmospheric Christmas markets beckon.


Approach via the A10
Take the A 10 (southern Berlin ring road) to the Rangsdorf exit. You turn off at the exit Rangsdorf and continue in the direction of Rangsdorf before the Südringcenter turn right to the entrance of Rangsdorf and follow the main road past the church on the right and immediately after left again (still following the main road) until you arrive at the slightly sloping road after 3 km directly in front of the HOTEL.

Approach from Berlin
Stadtring A 100 to the exit Tempelhofer Damm at the end of the exit right in the direction of Mariendorf/Lichtenrade You drive on the B 96 always in southern direction over Mahlow and Dahlewitz You cross the highway bridge over the Berlin ring road A 10 You turn right to the local entrance of Rangsdorf and then see above.

Arrival by train
With the RE8 from/to Berlin Hbf. via Berlin-Potsdamer Platz, Berlin-Südkreuz, Berlin-Lichterfelde Ost, Blankenfelde and Dahlewitz or the RB24/FEX from/to Berlin Hbf. via Dahlewitz, Blankenfelde, BER Airport – Terminal 1+2, Berlin-Ostkreuz and Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.


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