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A warm welcome to the world of saunas

Enjoy our world of sauna treatments!Wellness and relaxation, a brief time-out from the daily routine, treat yourself, physical well-being, health, vitality and inner harmony. A visit to the sauna can achieve all of the above. Take your time! With our range of different saunas on offer, we would like to create peaceful oases for you to relax and re-energize. There are five different types of saunas for you to try.


Finnish Sauna

This type of sauna comprises high temperatures between 85° to 95° Celsius and a relatively low humidity of between 10-30%. A pleasant effect on the respiratory tract in this heat is achieved by infusing the steam with menthol or eucalyptus.



This is a gentle sauna with a temperature of around 60°C and humidity around 50%, thus distinguishing between the sanarium and the Finnish sauna, being lower in both temperature and air humidity. Due to this low temperature each visit can be extended to 30 minutes. This treatment can also be combined with steam infusions. Just like in other saunas, cooling off and resting phases are obligatory. A visit to the sanarium does not put a strain on heart and circulation.


Steam Bath

The steam bath’s temperature ranges between 40°C und 55°C with humidity at 80-100%. Steam-bathing dilates the blood vessels and achieves a marked increase of skin circulation. The warmth within the steam bath loosens tight muscles and stimulates the metabolism. A steam bath has a positive effect upon ailments of the skin, the respiratory system, joints and muscles. The effect is particularly positive with regard to any ailments of the breathing apparatus.


Aroma grotto-Tepidarium beneath a starry sky

The special feature of a tepidarium is the pleasant radiant heat. The air temperature is kept at around 35°C. Our bodies perceive this mild radiant warmth as pleasant; the air temperature is not affected by it. Breathing, circulation, heart and blood pressure are not strained.


Mountain crystal sauna with colour stimulation

The temperature in our mountain-crystal-sauna is kept at around 70°C with an air humidity of around 30%. Mountain crystals have always had the reputation of a healing effect upon body and soul. At the center of this sauna sits a large mountain crystal. Back in the days of the ancient Romans they thought that within the mountain crystal lies the seat of the Gods and the crystal stone would make them wise, brave and faithful in love.Red – inspirational and energizing, stimulating and deeply invigorating
Yellow – creating a warm and relaxing sensation, the colour of the sun
Green – the colour of nature, calming and satisfying
Blue – creating deep undisturbed peace and calm for reflecting and meditating

Sauna times

monday – friday 16:00 – 22:00 Uhr
saturday 12:00 – 22:00 Uhr
sunday 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr